Tips To Choose Halong Bay Cruises

Luxury cruise
Luxury cruise

At the present, there are hundreds of cruises in Halong Bay that serve with different styles and services. Here below are some tips to choose a good cruise that is great value for your money.

Budget: If you are a person with high affordability and usually use the advanced services they do not hesitate to choose for themselves the credibility fleets with high quality standards and is recognized as the class.

Dragon's Pearl cruise
Dragon’s Pearl cruise

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5 stars cruise: This is the most advanced ships and accompanied say price is not cheap also. Here are some 5 * worth going flotillas most such deals: Paradise Luxury; Au; Star Light; Victoria Star … usually cost from: 3.2 to 3.5 million VND/01) This price applies only for summer (winter also much higher prices)

4 star cruise: Syrena ships; Emeraude; Paloma; Emotion; Bhaya, Dragon Pearl, Calypso … is the outstanding representative of the ship line operators, 4 * overnight on Halong Bay. Reference price fluctuations usually range from: 2.5 to 2.9 million VND/01 adult price applies only for summer (winter also much higher prices)

Sundeck of Halong cruise ship
Sundeck of Halong cruise ship

3 star cruise: This is line with many ships participating fleets exploit that stands out most is that both fleets: V’spirt; Oriental Sails; Huong Hai; Phoenix; Golden Lotus Garden; Aclass … these flotillas are fleets on line 3 * Best quality and prestige. Reference price fluctuates often between: 2000000-2300000 VND / 01 adult price applies only for summer (winter also much higher prices)