Yen Trung


It is located in road 18A connecting Hanoi with Ha Long, about 5 km from Yen Tu. I you are in Uông Bí, go 10 km until you reach a ssignpost; take a right fork as instructed into a paved road to reach Yên Trung.

Further on for 500 m from the entrance is a wide and beautiful lake surrounded by pine hills. In the middle of the lakes, there are islets covered with green trees. Tourists can boat around the lake or call on the islets or fish for pleasure.

In Yên Trung, there is a hamlet of the Muong located on a high hill and composed of three house-on-stilt fashioned after Muong style. Tourists can explore the life of the Muong community through the objects on display such as ovens, pots for cooking wine, mills, rice grinders, hunting tools, beds, blankets and pillows. In the future this tourist site will have more sort of “hamlets” of the Tày, Nùng and Thái people, and more kinds of services will come into operation.